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Kakadu Microwax
Kakadu Microwax

The Microwax™ blend that Kakadu uses to coat their material is a secret blend of oils and waxes with high residual oil contents that have been chosen to provide a unique balance of flexibility of the Microwax™, allowing for easy movement in the garment along with a "Dry to Touch" finish to minimize the greasy/oily feel.

Microwax™ cloth provides a tremendous water barrier, because the Microwax™ blend is not water soluble.Consequently, allowing any water to run off the garment. .

Microwax™ having a crystal structure which varies and realigns with temperature  (usually created by body heat), will also allow sweat in the form of water vapor to permeate through the garment. As a result, the Microwax™ fabric is breathable.
Care of your Oilskin
Garments made from wax impregnated fabric or oilskin cloth as Australians call it, are almost carefree and will last for many years to come. 
Do not use hot water.
Do not dry clean.
Do not use soap or detergents.
Do not leave in direct sunlight against window.
Do not machine wash.
Do not force dry or hang in front of fire.
Do not wear the coat near fire or flame. 
Redressing a garment depends on the usage, so therefore there is no set rule. However, we do recommend you check your garment at regular intervals, especially before the rainy season, and act accordingly.  Remove lid of garment dressing and warm contents until liquefied, and then apply to cleaned dry garment with a cloth or brush, paying particular attention to seams and places subject to friction.  Hang out in the sun or warm area to allow dressing to penetrate into the fabric.  Place garment on a coat hanger ready for storage in a dry airy place, ready for the next use.  

The foul smell is caused by mould growing in the fabric, hang your garment in the hot sun for a couple of weeks. 
Using a soft brush – brush away dust, using one part clear vinegar (or lemon juice) & 2 parts water, spray or sponge onto the mould, vinegar kills mould, depending on how bad the mould is you may have to apply twice. Once you have the mould under control, you need to wash the jacket. Usually a good hose down will do the trick or thoroughly wash the garment using a pure soap (recommended for woollens) then thoroughly rinse.  
Sunlight and washing will evaporate the oil/wax finish; you will need to reproof the jacket as above, applying a little extra on the seams & high traffic areas such as pockets, elbows, sitting area, and crease areas on the sleeves.



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